May 29, 2011

Review: ByTerry Baume de Rose

The other day I got an email from saying I was one of five winners of  their weekly facebook giveaway and I would be receiving a BY TERRY Baume de Rose . I was beyond excited as I had been wanting to try this balm for over a year but could not get myself to buy it as it retails for almost $60.

Now that I have used it for a few days I can review it. The packaging is cute but elegant and refined. A 10g / 0.35 oz. pot  in a pink and silver box contains a multi-protective, nutri regenerating SPF 15 balm with a subtle rose scent that you can use on your lips or your cuticles as the instructions say.

I love the consistency, smell, packaging, everything but the price. I really like the way my lips feel and you only have to apply it a few times a day. They also have a BY TERRY Baume de Rose Crystalline Bottle which I think its more practical for on the go.

I think now that I have tried it I won't be able to use other balms so I am pretty sure I will be splurging on this from time to time as I think a pot will last a few months. The good thing was that I got to try it before having to buy it so had I not liked it I wouldn't have been disappointed.

PS If you are curious.. I am wearing the mint nail polish from my previous blogspot


Terri said...

That is pricey but if it's worth it I say go for it. I'd love to try it as well.

D.Sadie said...

Thanks for the review! =) I found your blog on beautylish. Now following. Hope you follow back.


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Makeup Insider said...

Found you on beautylish :) Following!

Café Bellini said...

This is THE best lip balm ever! I refuse to use anything else!

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