October 22, 2010

Hello again!

I haven't posted in so long.. oh well! So, I joined this site called fiverr where you list things you would do for $5 and people can buy your service or product. It's a cool way to make some extra cash doing whatever it is you like to do. I listed that I would create a customized look on polyvore and surprisingly I have gotten several orders from small online stores, and also from people who would like some help putting outfits together. What can be better than finally getting paid to do what I love.  Here are a couple of the looks I created recently. The first is how to bring your black suit from the office into a night look, and the second is how to accesorize your jeans and white tee. Hope you like them and find them useful..


Shabana said...

I love love love your blog! You're doing a great job!

Carmen P. said...

aww thank you.. Your blog is nice too! :)

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