August 11, 2010

Zara Haul

Last weekend I went shopping with a friend and one of the stores we went to was Zara, which was having a huge sale, and I found some things that I want to show you. Below is everything I bought and the info...

First, I got two striped tops with embellished shoulders. The one on the left is sweater material and the one on the right is tshirt material. These were my favorite items I got, I mean stripes and embellished shoulders.. what can be better? I have already worn the one on the right for work with black pants and it's really comfortable. With tops like these I like the fact that you can dress them up or down depending on where you want to wear them to.
Striped tops with emellished shoulders $16.99 and $12.99
Next I got two tanks. I love the birds on the black one and the other one is just a basic tank that I could not pass up for the price. Both of them are really soft.
Black tank top with birds $12.99, Gray tank $4.99
The last things I got were a skirt and two belts. The belts were a really good deal and I am sure I will get really good use out of them since I like to wear all of my flowy tops and dresses with belts. The skirt is made out of a gabardine like material and the gray waist is a stretchy swearter fabric.
Skirt $19.99, Belts $9.99 each


Amelia said...

nice haul! looove the striped tops!x

Nelah said...

They seem comfy and casual. You should take some pics when you wear them too :)

Carmen P. said...

@ Amelia thanks!

@ Nelah I will try to take pics next time I wear them

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